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Cloud Consulting & Support

We have a experienced & seasoned team of experts who will assist you in cloud consulting, cloud migration and cloud integration.

Cloud Consulting Service

Being well-versed with the deployment of all kinds of Cloud platforms along with hybrid clouds, the DevOpsTech Solutions consultants provide you the best of both worlds. They assist you to drive cost savings, provide flexibility, enhanced security and compliance for mission critical applications. With pre-built cloud solution components, choosing the best cloud technologies becomes an easy task.
We offer suitable cloud adoption strategy for customer requirements.

At DevOpsTech Solutions, we have a team of experienced and seasoned cloud consultants who help you at every stage. The consultant guides you right from checking the suitability of your application to the cloud to preparing the strategy for transformation, a complete end-to-end support throughout your journey to the cloud.

Our Cloud Consulting and Cloud Migration Services ensure adherence to internal and external compliance and diminish risks in transition.

  • Accelerating the time-to-market and escalate profits

    We help you in your product go-to-market strategy. So that, you don’t compromise on your profits.

  • Improving your IT infrastructure utilization

    We optimize your IT infrastructure to get results with full potential.

  • Enhance the customer experience

    Enhancing the user experience and ultimate customer support.

  • Assisting to virtualize processes

    Virtualization in process leads to improved efficiency and zero down-time.

Cloud Migration

Migration from your current highly utilized production site to your new architecture could prove to be a challenging task. It requires guarantying the data integrity and meeting the Service Level Agreement with minimum impact to customers during and after the migration.

DevOpsTech Solutions provides a proven methodology to plan and execute your data migration. Coupled with detailed and choreographed cutover and rollback processes, the downtime is diminished dramatically. It is done by:

In-depth Project Planning

We do an in-depth project planning for your migration process coordinating with you.

Having cutover proof of Concept

Cloud migration is a challenging task. It requires minimum impact to customers during and after the migration. Having cutover proof of concept eases this process.

Providing command center planning and execution

Rigorous planning to ensure guaranteed data integrity and also processed execution of the plan ensures your cloud migration a smooth shift.

A process you can count on

DevOpsTech Solutions evaluates the customer’s readiness for a cloud and determines a business case.
We have a deep domain expertise that helps you develop a sound strategy and plan the best path towards success.
We offer suitable cloud adoption strategy for customer requirements.

Requirement Analysis

Feasibility & Cloud Selection

Risk Analysis

Cloud Transformation

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