Atlassian Support services

Atlassian Support Services

We assist you in employing individual tools like JIRA, Confluence, roll-out multiple combinations and integrations between them, and configure it to suite your needs - all within a matter of days

Atlassian JIRA Support

JIRA is the number one software development tool that helps each and every member of your software development team to plan, track and release good software. It helps you produce user stories and issues, plan sprints, and distribute tasks across your software team. It also comes handy while prioritizing and discussing team’s work in full context and visibility.

  • Implementation

    We implement JIRA as per your need.

  • Workflow

    We design the Workflow as per your processes.

  • JIRA Migration

    We help you migrate JIRA to differenet database as well as to different server/cloud.

  • Upgradation

    We assist you to upgrade the JIRA software through different versions.

  • Custom Plugin Development

    We build custom plugins for JIRA as per your process needs.

Atlassian CONFLUENCE Support

Confluence helps in getting things done faster. It reduces the time involved in searching things. With Confluence you can create product requirements, meeting notes, knowledge based articles and various such things and even share it on the web for all to access and contribute. Being centralized, it gets all your information in one place that is easy to access and retrieve at any time. Better organizing is also possible with each team and project having their own space to save their data.

  • Implementation

    Implementation of a knowledge repository system.

  • Integration

    Integration of their data and managing the documentation in wiki format.

  • Custom Plugin Development

    We build custom plugins for JIRA as per your process needs.

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Atlassian BAMBOO Support

It is a continuous integration and delivery tool right from the code to the development. It ties automated builds, checks and releases together in a single workflow. It provides a fully traceable deployment pipeline. The delivery aspect of the continuous delivery is comparatively less emphasized on, but with Bamboo, you are assured of nothing but the first-class support for delivery. It evolves with your technology stack. A variety of popular technologies like Ant, AWS CodeDeploy, Mercurial,Amazon S3 buckets, Maven and SVN are supported and lot more are available as free add-ons too. This allows you freedom to innovate.

  • Automation

    Improvise your automation for releases by adopting feature branching and getting testing to development branches.

  • Merge

    Merge the code from any two branches so that you can run your build against the merged code and commit it if it succeeds.

  • Jenkins Importer

    Jenkins Importer would slash the transition time to Bamboo and ease the tedious work load of the engineers.

  • Custom Plugin Development

    Custom Plugin Development by pipe lining the build process and automating the build task to reduce the delivery cycle.

Atlassian STASH / BITBUCKET Support

Stash is now known as Bitbucket. It helps in managing the Git repository of the organizations. It offers unified side-by-side differences when reviewing code so that you can understand the changes in the repositories better. It can also create a branch from within JIRA software issue that triggers to transitions between statuses while merging or reviewing the code.

  • Organize Repositories

    Help to organize your repositories into projects so that the team can easily focus on a goal or a project.

  • Integration

    Integration of your present 3rd party workflow and streamlining your development process.

  • Code Health

    Improved build integration that tells you the health of your code by a simple pass or fail icon.

  • Support GIT

    Support to grow your Git repositories behind your firewall’s safety.

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